Supporters Groups

La Barra Real

La Barra Real organized in 2009 and is the first and largest Latino supporter group for RSL. But you don’t have to have mastered Spanish to cheer along with them; any and all are welcome to cheer with LBR in section 8.

Visit their Website or visit their Facebook Page for more information. 



The Loyalists

The Loyalists are the oldest supporters group for RSL banding together in the Summer of 2004 right after Real Salt Lake was named as an expansion team.  Their goal is to be a group that caters to fans who want to be loud, but still maintain a family-friendly atmosphere. Like the other supporter groups, the Loyalists hold tailgates before home matches, help support away game trips, and hold viewing parties for away games. The Loyalists are open to everyone who wants to have fun and support RSL!

For more information contact the Loyalists through their Facebook Fan Page or email


Rogue Cavaliers Brigade

The Rogue Cavaliers Brigade (RCB) was founded in 2005 along with the team. The purpose of the group is to bring the passion and atmosphere of European Football to RSL matches, and support the team through victory and strife! Current RCB spokesman, Judge Leverich got involved in RCB in 2006 because for him, "it is all about the brotherhood/family aspect of the supporter group. The RCB is what keeps me coming to the matches; even when RSL does not win I still have a good time with my football family!"

RCB sits in section 9. Check out their Website or Facebook Page for more information.



Royal Army

The Royal Army is a supporters group that embraces anyone who supports the best team in the MLS, Real Salt Lake! The Royal Army is open to any and all RSL fans no matter where you sit in the stadium! Yearly membership is $25, which includes a scarf and many other benefits. There is no need to be affiliated with any other supporter group, but even if you are, you can still join The Royal Army! We want to unite ALL the fans at the RioT and together show our love for RSL.

Find more information on our website, or check out our Facebook page HERE.



The Royal Pride


The Royal Pride (TRP) was initiated into RSL’s society of supporter groups last year. Beyond helping to build fan involvement with Real Salt Lake and perpetuating excitement for the team, The Royal Pride strives to engage soccer fans in the local community by participating in local events and charity fundraisers. According to TRP president, Chelsey Copsey, “Our group is relatively new, but we've been able to participate in some really great projects. Those projects not only got us involved in philanthropy, but helped us to get to know each other and make new friendships.”

TRP sits in section 8, email or check out their Facebook Page for more information.


Section 26


“We cheer for our team,” says Section 26 supporter Kevin Pierce.  Join them to chant and cheer the whole game, and they won’t bother if you if you don’t want to stand up for the whole 90 minutes. Section 26 is a family-friendly supporter group. They were organized in 2007 and anyone who wants to sit in section 26 is welcome to be a member of the group! 

Email or check out their Facebook Page for more information.



La Union Real

Born in 2010, La Union Real provides their voice, energy and support of Real Salt Lake from their Section 11.

To find out more about one of RSL’s newest supporters groups, visit their Website or their Facebook Fan Page