RSL Conference Call Transcript: April 18

Checketts, Kreis, Beckerman & Rimando speak on RSL's place in CCL Finals

Sheet from Real Salt Lake media teleconference 4/18/11:


remarks from Real Salt Lake Owner, Dave Checketts:
When the
vision of this club was created over seven years ago I never imagined this day
would come as quickly as it has.  We are honored to play Monterey. We know
they’re a very good club. They, like us, are anxious to move on and we expect a
tremendous battle.

To reach
this point is gratifying but we are not satisfied.

We have
great respect for our opponent. We know it is going to be very difficult, but
we love being the first at everything. We love these occasions where people can
say about us  no one has ever advanced this far. In reality, we’re just a
club from Salt Lake City, Utah that has tremendous players from nine different
nations, is well-coached and is fully prepared and fit and ready to play our
best football and see what we can accomplish.    


– Given the strength of the opponent, will you reign in your attacking
instincts or will you continue to play the same way?

Salt Lake Head Coach Jason Kreis
: I am
a big believer that in soccer, if you attack well enough, you will limit the
amount of time you need to defend. We’re not going to change our philosophy now
that we’re in the final and we’re not going to change our philosophy because
we’re playing a fantastic opponent. We are going to ask our players to be very
mindful when we have the ball and be very good with it …We need guys to be
focused and sharp and get back and defend quickly because if we don’t, this is
the type of opponent that can kill you in a heartbeat.


– How will you prepare for Aldo de Nigris and Humberto Suazo?

Kreis: We haven’t
seen Suazo as much as we’ve seen de Nigris. De Nigris is more of a box forward
in my opinion.  He has really good size and really good speed and probably
better feet than most people would think a guy of that size would have.
Typically box forwards lack the technical ability that he does have. 

Suazo is a
bit of a bulldog and can drop into the midfield more and turn and make plays.
He has a lethal, lethal shot.

Both of
those players we’re going to have to be extremely mindful of and they have some
midfielders that are quite special on the ball as well. It just depends on
which four they play because they’ve been using a lot of different players
throughout the last four or five matches.


– How will the warm weather affect training?

Kreis: For this
trip we decided to come earlier, and were able to train yesterday and train
today and we’ll train tomorrow. That should be enough to acclimate our guys.


C. Lewis,
Lake Tribune – What has it been like to have such support from around the

Checketts:  The support from fellow owners, from
player to player, from coach to coach has really been extraordinary. I’ve heard
from almost all of my fellow owners. They all recognize what’s at stake here
for the league. We are flying a banner that not only says Real Salt Lake but
also Major League Soccer.

I was
driving with my daughter who’s 17-years-old and I was telling her how big this
game was and she asked just how big it is. I said  it’s the game of the
century. This is it. This is the biggest game ever.  She said,  you
know, dad, you say that about every game.  Other than the MLS Cup, we’ve
never played a game in our history that’s as big as this.

When I
talked to Jason about becoming the head coach, even though he’d spent most of
his career in Dallas he said  I don’t quite understand why, but I care
very much about this club – Real Salt Lake . This is an opportunity to stamp
Real Salt Lake’s presence on the entire world of soccer. I don’t anyone could
have imagined that. It’s an incredible opportunity.


Kreis: I’m looking at this as a tremendous
opportunity that we’ve achieved through all the hard work over several years…
Going to the World Club Competition would easily be a once-in-a-lifetime


News –What is it about this RSL team that has been able to do what no other
club has?

Kreis: The
first thing that we need to credit is that we’ve built a very deep team. There
have been teams in the past built on the starting 11 and once you got past
that, the depth and true quality of the players went down drastically. I would
say at Real Salt Lake we’ve been supported on a different level by our
ownership and we’ve been supported on a different level by the League because of
how much emphasis and how much help they’ve been willing to give us and put
some weight behind this CONCACAF competition. Finally, I would say the League
has made some very good decisions over the past five years about raising salary
caps and making it possible for teams to get more depth and more quality to
number one to number 30.

Checketts: I agree with Jason that the steps the
League has made have been critical. Also, several weeks after Jason became the
head coach he jumped on a plane to Argentina and came back with three players,
two of which, Javier Morales and Fabian Espindola, have been critical to our
success. That’s where it started. We began adding pieces all under the banner
that there aren’t any superstars on this team. There is a tremendous team
chemistry and I think you see it in the way they play, the way they move the
ball, the way they attack, the way they endure adversity. A lot of hard work
and dedication by a lot of people is what gives us the chance that’s in front
of us.


Lake Tribune – Will the pressure of game and size of the crowd affect the

Kreis:We have a
very, very mature group. A team that is extremely experienced. Quite a few of
our players have played with their national team in World Cup Qualifier matches
in some of the hardest environments to play matches in. So, I don’t think it
can get any more pressurized than the multiple experiences they’ve already had.
We’re very well prepared for it.   


Press: Should MLS consider adding more roster spots?

Kreis: No.
We have a possibility of 30, but we’re only using 28.  For me, the number
is about right. The MLS has made multiple decisions so we can compete on all
fronts. The one thing I would urge everybody to consider is increasing the
salary cap. It’s all well and good to continue to add roster spots, but we need
the proper salaries to be able to pay the players so we can get quality players
to compete in all the matches.  So that when you’re using what a lot of
people would term your  second team  which is a term I hate, you’re
not talking about players that are playing their first professional matches.
Instead, you’re talking about guys that have played in other places and can
contribute in a seamless fashion.


America - Won’t it be important to keep the ball away from Monterey and is that
something many MLS teams aren’t capable of doing?

Kreis: Some
of the best defense you can have is to be good on the ball. I think it’s going
to be critically important when we have the ball we need to recognize we need
to keep it for long stretches. We need to be very mindful of not giving it away
cheaply because when you play an opponent as talented as Monterey they will
punish you for that. 


-  Do you
think it’s important to train in the stadium you’ll be playing in?

Kreis: I
think it’s critically important. It’s something we do nearly everywhere we go.
One good thing about CONCACAF is they force every opponent to allow you to
train in the stadium the day before the match and we’ve used that every place
we’ve been.


Bueno, Riverside Press Enterprise
: MLS teams have never won a meaningful match in Mexico,
what makes it so hard for MLS teams to win down there?

Beckerman, Real Salt Lake captain:
are all searching for the answer.  These teams know how important these
tournaments are and they are used to this type of tournament.  I think
they feel a big part of pride over losing to an American team.  I think we
are going to have to keep at it and keep believing that we can get one over on
these guys.  It’s tough and the atmosphere is great, they really support
their home team, it makes it tough, but we just have to give it a go.

Rimando, Real Salt Lake goalkeeper:
tough, as Kyle said, we have seen it first hand at Cruz Azul but I don’t think
we are afraid to come in here.  We were the underdogs before and we know
what it is like to come into an environment and not expect to win or pull a
result out and I think we have the guys who can do that.  There is nothing
that says we can’t go in in there and get a result.  We don’t have to win
but getting a result would be good for us.


Freedman, -
Before MLS Cup 2009, Dave Checketts told you guys that  You never know
when you are going to get an opportunity like this and you have to take the
opportunity and make the most of it .  Has he given you guys another such
inspirational talk and if so, was more urgent than 2009?

Rimando: He
hasn’t yet, but in the beginning he let us know how important this tournament
is. That is not only coming from Dave Checketts, but it is coming from our
coaches and the League.   The more we advance through each stage, we
as players know how important it is and how important it will be for ourselves
and for MLS to put this stamp on the league. We want to represent this team and
do well for ourselves. This tournament will open eyes around the world. 
It doesn’t just take the voice from our owner to tell us that. This is a good
opportunity for us to prove that MLS is for real.


Canales, -

What in particular has Jason as a coach done to mold you guys into such an
effective unit in a short period of time?

Beckerman: He
had the experience.  When he was playing, he didn’t like the way things
were done and when he became the coach he had the chance to change it and do
things the right way.  It has really been a joy to work with him. Everyone
who has come to the team really enjoys playing for the club because things are
done right here and I think he gets the support from the owners and it trickles
down. I feel that from day one when I came to RSL, we began to do the right
things; in training and off the field.  We started to see the success come
from the hard work we put in and Jason deserves a lot of the credit


Canales, -
Nick, do you have the details of what are these  right things  that
make a difference for a team?

Rimando: I
think the first thing is that we had to become a team we couldn’t be
individuals. We had to go out there as a team and win as a team. There is
no  I  in team.  As cliché as it may sound, everyone on the team
buys into that. There are no stars, we are all stars on this team.  We are
a team that fights for each other on and off the field and that’s what he
[Jason Kreis] wanted to grow here at RSL and that is exactly what he is doing.
We want to fight for Jason and for our teammates and when you have a bad seed
giving the players that want to play and want to fight and want to be on the
same page, good things happen, that’s exactly what has happened on Real Salt


Josie Pereira, Salt Lake Tribune -  Have
you been out on the field yet practicing, if so what is the field like? If you
haven’t, how is Monterrey?

Rimando: No
we haven’t been on the field yet, tomorrow is our first day.  We have
everything over here. The weather is not too bad, we expected it to be a lot
hotter, but it wasn’t bad, we practiced last night and the weather seemed
great. We have plenty of fluids, good food, and we are all ready to go. It is
the time now to get ready for the game and we are ready to go.


Josie Pereira, Salt Lake Tribune - Will the crowd and the Monterrey fans
be a challenge for you guys?

Rimando: I
think wherever you go there is always the challenge of dealing with the fans,
but I think our team has dealt with that in competition already.  You know
when we play at home the teams have to deal with our fans and fans of the