RSL News Stand - Monday, January 3

A look ahead at the RMC, more looks back at 2010

to the first RSL News Stand of the New Year! In today’s edition, we start off
with looking ahead to the Rocky Mountain Cup (and, really, who
can blame them?) before once again heading back to the “Best of 2010” stories
and closing with some interesting reads from across the League …
Armchair Analyst: Five rivalries to look forward to
in 2011
Monday Postgame: Catching up on the transfer season
“Kick Off” – Monday, January 3, 2011
Top Ten Moments for Major League Soccer In 2010
(SLC): From Austin Collie to beyond: Top 10 Utah sports stories of 2010
(National): 2010 U.S. soccer highlights in review: Part 1 - MLS and development


Soapbox: Happy New Year, 2010 was a great year for Real Salt Lake and 2011
could be even better
David Beckham owes L.A. and MLS a commitment
10 Questions with … Phil Schoen
Maybe the NFL and others can learn from MLS?