Quote Sheet - RSL 3 : 1 HOU

Post-game reaction from RSL's third straight win

THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010





Thoughts on the match:

“No ejections, no
penalty kicks – I guess we could say the glass is half full on that side. It
got a little hectic there at the end to give away the goal the way that we did.
It felt a little bit too ragged, the way we finished the match.

“But overall, I was very
pleased. Really, really pleased with the beginning of it. When we came out, the
mentality, the spirit, everything was fantastic. Only had the one small black
mark, but we’ll try to look past that and feel good about it.”

On ending the winless
streak against Houston:

“This one, as Javier
[Morales] said during the week, this one was special for us. The guys showed
that it meant a lot to them. The way they started the match, the way they
played for the majority of it. I think you could see the emotions in their
faces in the locker room. You know how happy they were to finally beat what has
been a little bit of a nemesis the last eight games now.”

On the goal-scoring
instincts of FW Alvaro Saborío:

“Really, really good.
He’s sort of the prototypical goal scorer. He finds himself in some great
positions in front of the goal. We’ve seen now in the past several weeks that he’s
had a lot of excellent opportunities and he should probably have a couple more
goals. We will look for continued form from him.”


On finally getting a win
against Houston:

“It was a big step for
us to get towards where we want to be, and that’s an elite team in this league.
If we’re going to do that we’ve got to beat everyone, and that includes
Houston. We wanted to jump on them and show that we were ready to play right

On if Real Salt Lake is
progressing towards being among the League’s elite:

“Absolutely. You’ve got
to beat everybody, and you’ve got to win three in a row. And you can’t have
missteps when you shouldn’t so it was great to get a win, especially before we
go on the road.”



On scoring his first
goal of the season:

“Of course it’s a
relief, a burden off of my shoulders. I was getting opportunities before and I
was able to put one of them away tonight – and I should have had a couple of

On playing with
confidence heading into the USA’s World Cup training camp:

“I want to go into there
with confidence and be able to perform to the best of my abilities, so it was
good to get that goal tonight. Forwards can get in slumps and miss some
opportunities, but you’ve just got to correct them when you get them again.”


On getting the win
against the Dynamo:

“I’m very happy for the
win. It was the first time that we have won against them [since 2007], so it’s
very important – and it’s important to win three in a row.”

On his comfort level
thus far in his tenure at Real Salt Lake:

“I feel good and have to
keep going. My teammates give me a lot of confidence, and I need to give it
right back.”



On his lineup for the match and getting consistency:

“Every team goes through it. You make changes for one reason
or another whether it’s injuries or suspensions or call-ups or because we lack
form. We have a locker room full of guys that have been around for a long time
so you can’t say that it’s inconsistency because of this or because of that. It
helps to have your full squad available, which is the tough part, and that’s
the thing you have to have. But I don’t think you can say we have inconsistency
because we have not had a full lineup.”

On importance of getting FW Brian Ching in the game to get
him ready for USMNT camp:

“The U.S. team isn’t involved in this locker room. We put
him in to try and help us win the game and I think he had a good impact for us.
I know it’s a big story but it’s not my team. Brian’s involvement tonight had
nothing to do with the U.S. team, it had to do with the fact that we couldn’t
play him 90 minutes. He said he felt good and we felt that at that time in the
game he could do well for us, and he did.”

On whether it was difficult to get a rhythm going:

“No, I just think it happens. It’s soccer around the world,
I think. Sometimes the visiting team can be on top and they can bring men back.
And I think them getting off to the really early lead … sometimes teams try to
protect the lead and they are able to have players behind the ball. When they
have men behind the ball, sometimes you have to move the ball and move the ball
quicker. But, they’re a good team. They have strengths in all lines, strong up
front and in the back. I felt that the first goal was going to tell a lot of
the story tonight. I don’t think it was the end of it because even at 3-1 we
still created some chances and you never know.”

On bouncing back from the loss:

“We need to put it behind us. We can always go back on poke
at things at what we are doing wrong. The weeks travel fast. Let’s get home,
let’s get rested. It’s been a tough 14 days and we will watch D.C. play and
then get ready for them the following Saturday.”


On his return to the pitch:

“I felt good. Not good considering the circumstances, but I
felt great. We had a couple of good runs and I didn’t feel anything physically
wrong. My lungs were actually better than I thought they would be and I felt

On importance of getting back on the field before training
with USMNT begins:

“Nothing can prepare you for playing in games. Would I have
liked to play in a couple of more games before I go into camp? Yes. But, I felt
good out there. I am probably going to have to work on my fitness over the next
couple of weeks to get where I want to be and hopefully get a little bit more sharp.”

On whether or not he was concerned he would reinjure his
hamstring due to cold weather:

“No. I just warmed up for a little while and I was ready to
go in.”


On his tally in the second half:

“I don’t remember much about it. It was a good buildup play.
Brad [Davis] played a great ball in and he got it back to my right foot/ Robbie
[Russell] fell down and it was a pretty easy goal.”

On being down 3-0 and creating chances in second half:

“That’s what happens when you’re down three goals. The other
team sits in a defensive shell. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t capitalize on
more of our chances but they were all in the second half.”

On Western Conference Standings and things tightening up and
whether they feel pressure:

“Well, we have been a bit injury-plagued and hopefully when
we get all our guys back we will start things going again. We normally never
start well; it’s still early in the season and we just need to get a different

On the return of Brian Ching and his impact:

“It’s definitely different. Brian does a great job of
holding the ball up for us. It makes it easier for us to relieve the pressure
and we feed off of it. It’s a whole different game when he’s in there. We don’t
have another big guy healthy right now and [Brian] is a big part of our game.”