Leonardo the Lion, a Utahn shooter, dribbler, shot-stopper, and entertainer, is the official mascot of Real Salt Lake. The most versatile playmaking genius of the American Soccer Renaissance, Leonardo fills hearts, minds and goals across the Intermountain West with moves, skills and inspirational artistry that is in many cases centuries ahead of their time. As an artist, Leonardo is best known for The Last Defender (c. 2005) and Mona Kreisa (an ongoing and unfinished work, begun in 1996).

Leonardo the Lion's Bio

Species: Royal Lion

Sub-Species: (Panthera Leo Regius)

Birthplace: Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park.

Range: Periodic sightings from Ogden in the North to Provo in the South; Tooele in the West to Park City in the East; humans from Logan to St. George should be on lookout for visits from this libero Lion throughout 2006 and beyond.

Habitat: Primarily the lined savannah of Rio Tinto Stadium, with a vast verdant preserve planned for April 2008. Very comfortable in the classroom, on the soccer field, at charity and youth events across the Wasatch Front.

Naming History: Before finally settling on Leonardo, names debated were Richard S. Lionheart, King Richard, Great Heart, Pelota, Le Grande, Ole, High King Leon, Rey Supremo Leon, Kingsley and Lumumba, among several others.

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