Donation Requests

Donations are an essential part of Real Salt Lake's community outreach efforts and provide the team the opportunity to generate positive impact throughout the Salt Lake area. Giving back to the community allows RSL to support a vast number of organizations, which in turn can help those in need. RSL provides assistance to various schools, youth soccer events, and community organization/charities. RSL is committed to being an important part of the community and to improving the lives of children. Our players, coaches, and staff recognize the special need of those in our community and in expanding the game of soccer. We are happy to support your organization's fundraising endeavors through the donation of RSL's memorabilia and merchandise.

The following request policy has been developed as a way to create consistency and fairness to the organizations that ask for RSL's support. Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, we face the unfortunate task of making decisions and allocating resources responsibly. Therefore, not all requests are fulfilled, and a priority is given to those organizations located in Utah. We are unable to provide support for churches, synagogues or other places of worship for sectarian religious purposes. In addition, RSL is able to assist organizations only once per calendar year.

Real Salt Lake does not consider or grant monetary or sponsorship requests.

All donation requests must be submitted online at least four (4) weeks in advance for the fundraising event. Please do not email, fax, mail, or call to request. These requests will NOT be accepted. If there is a publication deadline, all requests must be submitted in writing at least six weeks prior to the publication deadline.  Please keep in mind that submitting an online request does NOT guarantee you organization will receive a donation.

  • Organizations must be based in the state of Utah
  • Requests will only be considered if submitted at least four (4) weeks in advance of event date
  • Organizations must be a 501(c)3. Requests from organizations that are not a 501(c)3, will not be considered
  • Requests submitted without a Tax ID number will not be considered
  • Organizations are limited to one request per calendar year



Real Salt Lake will follow up to all requests received. Please allow at least three weeks for processing. Real Salt Lake asks that telephone inquiries regarding a donation status not be made due to the high volume of requests received. All donation decisions made by Real Salt Lake are final and will be ready for pick up according to the date of the event and/or date by which the items are needed.

Please Note: Use of Real Salt Lake name, logos, trademark and/or advertising that implies the support or sponsorship of an event by Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer must be approved in writing by Real Salt Lake.

How can I submit my donation requests?
Only online donation request submissions will be accepted.

How much time prior to the event do I need to submit my donation request?
Requests must be submitted 4 weeks in advance.

Can I submit a donation request if I DO NOT live in Utah?
Sorry, all applicants/organizations must reside in Utah.

Can I call to ensure my request was received?
A confirmation email will be sent to you following your submission. Unfortunately, no phone calls, faxes or emails will be accepted.

How many donations can I receive in one year?
Organizations are limited to one request per year.

How many weeks prior to my event can I expect a response?
Please allow us at least 2 weeks from the date you submitted your request to receive a response.

Can I send an item and have it signed by the team?
Unfortunately, we are unable to have such items signed. Should you choose to still send an item, we cannot guarantee your item will be returned and we will not be responsible for lost items.