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23 October 11:33 am

The players see it. They know how you’ve embraced this team and they know how you’ve – unlike any other fan-base in the league, perhaps unlike any other in the entire region – embraced this tournament.

They know how badly you want Tuesday night’s must-win CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage finale against Costa Rican club C.S. Herediano. They want it just as much, both for themselves and for you, too.

“This needs to happen for our fan-base,” midfielder Will Johnson told reporters a few days ago. “They have adopted the CONCACAF Champions League like no other fan-base in the league. They believe in it. They love the tournament, as we do. So for us to continue on in that tournament for our fans is very important."

If RSL is to win either 1-0 or by multiple goals on Tuesday night to win Group 2 and advance to the CCL Quarterfinals, they’ll need all of your support. Believe it or not, it really does make a difference.

“With our fan base behind us, I really feel they’ll be the ones that can push us over the top,” Johnson told media.

For those of you coming out to Rio Tinto Stadium for the 8 p.m. match, show up early. Be loud. Propel RSL on to victory. Remember that this is the team’s biggest game of the year - possibly the biggest since the 2011 CCL final against Monterrey. They need you tonight. 

Keep on being the great fans you’ve been all year. 

And, as always, #Believe.  

23 July 11:00 am

Welcome to The Sovereign, the official blog of Real Salt Lake.

Those of us here at RSL are thrilled to finally get our blog off the ground. The Sovereign’s going to be an exciting place, chock-full of interesting content. Our regular videos and written posts will let you get to know the players, highlight overlooked storylines, go deep inside the numbers, study tactics, and - perhaps most notably - take you under the hood of the RSL organization. 

So make sure you check The Sovereign often. It’s going to be fun, informative and – of course – very, very Real.

Our next post will drop later this afternoon. Don’t miss it.

-RSL Communications